Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney In East Alabama And West Georgia

Cross Law Firm handles a variety of personal injury cases to help out clients get the money they need to cover medical bills and other expenses. Whether you have been in a car, truck, motorcycle, tractor-trailer accident, or are a victim of wrongful death, call Cross Law Firm today to get the compensation for your pain and suffering.

Automobile Collisions

Following a wreck, you are not thinking in your typical frame of mind. Your mind and body have been through a traumatic event. You are experiencing substantial pain, worried about finances, work, medical bills, and maintaining/surviving the hardship. You don’t know who to trust. Insurance companies will attempt to use this weakened state against you. An insurance company is not your friend! The insurance company will attempt to obtain medical releases, recorded statements, etc. from you before you know how to react. You should never comply with these wrongful requests without the assistance of a competent attorney. Cross Law Firm, LLC has handled all types of automobile wreck claims, from small to very large. Auto wrecks are one of the primary focuses of Cross Law Firm, LLC. We handle auto wreck claims in both Alabama and Georgia. Allow us to be your voice. We will fight the insurance company for you no charge for automobile collision consultations.