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A Last Will and Testament (“Will” for short) is a very important document. A Will serves as your voice to your loved ones when you can no longer speak for yourself. Various requirements must be met for a Will to be valid under the applicable State law. At Cross Law Firm, LLC, we draft Wills from very simple to extremely complex. Make sure your voice is heard. We prepare Wills for clients all over Alabama and Georgia.


A Probate is the transfer of property and assets after death, from the estate of the deceased, under a Last Will and Testament (Will). A probate can only be conducted when the deceased executed a valid Will during their life. If no Will was executed, an Administration of the Estate is necessary. Cross Law Firm, LLC files Probates in both Alabama and Georgia.


An Administration is the transfer of property and assets, after death, when no Last Will and Testament (Will) has been executed. In such an event, the laws of “Intestate Succession” govern the rights of family members and who is to receive from the Estate. Cross Law Firm, LLC files Administrations in both Alabama and Georgia.

Trademark Registration & Litigation

A Trademark is a State or Federal registered/protected identifier of your goods and/or services. Cross Law Firm, LLC obtains registration of trademarks for clients under Georgia/Alabama law and the Federal Lanham Act. We further litigate disputes of unfair competition, infringement, and confusingly similar trademarks. Let Cross Law Firm, LLC assist in your trademark needs.