Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney In East Alabama And West Georgia

Cross Law Firm handles a variety of personal injury cases to help out client get the money they need to cover medical bills and other expenses. Whether you have been in a car, truck, motorcycle, tractor-trailer accident or are a victim of wrongful death, call Cross Law Firm today to get the compensation for your pain and suffering.

Automobile Collisions

car crash - lawyer in  Phoenix City,  AL
Following a wreck, you are not thinking in your normal frame of mind. Your mind and body have been through a traumatic event. You are experiencing substantial pain, worried about finances, work, medical bills and maintaining/surviving the hardship. You don't know who to trust. Insurance companies will attempt to use this weakened state against you. An insurance company is not your friend! The insurance company will attempt to obtain medical releases, recorded statements, etc from you before you know how to react. You should never comply with these wrongful requests without the assistance of a competent attorney. Cross Law Firm, LLC has handled all types of automobile wreck claims, from small to very large. Auto wrecks are one of the primary focuses of Cross Law Firm, LLC. We handle auto wreck claims in both Alabama and Georgia. Allow us to be your voice. We will fight the insurance company for you. No charge for automobile collision consultations.
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Motorcycles never get respect on the road. Other drivers act as if the motorcycle was at fault for just being on the road. Often insurance companies try to further this blame game against the motorcycle operator. Almost every motorcycle wreck results in serious injuries. Motorcycle wrecks are one of the primary focuses of Cross Law Firm, LLC. We handle motorcycle wrecks in both Alabama and Georgia. We will stand up for your rights. We will fight for you. No charge for motorcycle collision consultations.


If a tractor-trailer hits your car, serious injury will result the vast majority of the time. In addition to having to deal with insurance companies, you also face the risk management/ legal counsel within the trucking company. These parties will often join efforts to twist your words to benefit their position and assess fault against you. Generally, these calls will start very soon after the wreck. Tractor-trailer wrecks are one of the primary focuses of Cross Law Firm, LLC. We will take over on your behalf to prevent the forthcoming twisting of words and fight for you. No charge for tractor-trailer collision consultations.
tractor trailer accident- lawyer in  Phoenix City,  AL


The loss of a loved one, as a result of the negligent, willful or reckless actions of another, is beyond devastating. You have been robbed of a shared future! At Cross Law Firm, LLC, we have seen, all too frequently, the wrongdoer trying to place blame on the victim. The family of the victim is often targeted during their weakest moments to get “dirt” on the victim. Unfortunately, much must be done from a legal aspect during this time. We will be a barrier between you and the wrongdoer/insurance company. We will take over for you so you can grieve your loss. No charge for wrongful death consultations.
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